Philip Fei-Ling Wang


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  • School of International Affairs
  • Center for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy
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Philip Fei-Ling Wang, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania), professor at Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology ( His research interests are comparative and international political economy, U.S.-East Asian relations, and East Asia and China studies. He has published eight books (two co-edited) in two languages including Organization through Division and Exclusion: China's Hukou System (Stanford University Press. 2005), The China Order: Centralia, World Empire, and the Nature of Chinese Power (SUNY Press, 2017), and The China Record: An Assessment of the People's Republic (SUNY Press, 2023). He has also published dozens of book chapters and journal articles in four languages.

He taught at the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) and U.S. Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs), and held visiting and adjunct/honorary positions in institutions like European University Institute in Italy, Sciences Po in France, National Sun Yat-sen University and National Taiwan University in Taiwan, National University of Singapore, Renmin University and Anhui Normal University in China, University of Macau, University of Tokyo, and Sungkyunkwan University and Yonsei University in Korea. He has guest-lectured in over 50 universities worldwide and appeared in many national and international news media such as Al Jazeera, AFP, AP, BBC, CNN, The Financial Times, The New York Times, Radio China International, South China Morning Post,VOA, The Wall Street Journal, and the Xinhua News Agency. He has had numerous research grants including a Minerva Chair grant, a Fulbright Senior Scholar grant and a Hitachi Fellowship. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


Areas of
  • East Asia
  • Greater China
  • International Relations
  • US-China Relations


Research Fields:
  • Comparative Politics: Regional Studies
  • Globalization: Political Economy and Governance
  • International Security Policy
  • Regional Security Challenges
  • Science, Technology, and International Policy
  • Asia (East)
  • United States
  • International Development
  • Regional Development
  • Weapons and Security
  • Foreign Policy
  • Globalization and Localization
  • Governance
  • History more generally
  • International Trade and Investment
  • Modernity
  • Politics
  • Strategy


  • INTA-1050: The World Today
  • INTA-1110: Intro to Int'l Relations
  • INTA-1200: American Government
  • INTA-3130: Foreign Policy of China
  • INTA-3230: Gov't & Politics-China
  • INTA-3301: Int'l Political Econ
  • INTA-3330: Political Economy-China
  • INTA-4050: Int'l Affair&Tech Policy
  • INTA-4331: Chinese Politics
  • INTA-4332: Chinese Institutions
  • INTA-4740: Sem-Political Economy
  • INTA-6131: Pacific Security Issues
  • INTA-6302: Intl Political Economy
  • INTA-6331: Chinese Political Econ
  • INTA-6753: Comp Science&Tech Policy

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