Sam Nunn Security Program Links

MacArthur Foundation

The MacArthur Foundation:  The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation sponsors group and individual research to foster security and progress for humanity.

Other MacArthur Science, Technology And Security Initiative Programs

Government Links

Non-Governmental Links

  • Global Security:
    This site provides general information on international security, WMD and military force issues in the US and abroad. It also contains information on the military capabilities of 38 countries worldwide.
  • Southern Center:
    This is the website of the non-partisan Southern Center for International Studies, an organization committed to internationalizing the thinking of the American public.
  • Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS):
    The CSIS organization is devoted to providing world leaders with strategic insights and policy proposals on world issues.
  • Center for Science, Technology and Security Policy:
    CSTSP promotes the integration of science and public policy to enhance national security by serving as a portal between policy makers, academia and policy institutes.
  • Nuclear Threat Initiative:
    NTI is an organization working to reduce the threat from nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. The site contains information on the WMD and missile programs of 26 countries.
  • Russian American Nuclear Advisory Council (RANSAC):
    RANSAC seeks to secure stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and to reduce proliferation risks.
  • Brookings Institution:
    The Brookings Institution is a non-partisan research group interested in analysis and public education on economics, foreign policy and governance.
  • Center for Defense Information:
    CDI is dedicated to international security through cooperation and military reforms.
  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:
    The Carnegie Endowment promotes cooperation among nations and proactive international engagement by the United States.
  • Center for Non-Proliferation Studies:
    The Center for Nonproliferation Studies provides information and analysis to combat the spread of WMD.