Asymmetrical Indian and Chinese threat perceptions

Title: Asymmetrical Indian and Chinese threat perceptions
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: December 2002
Published In: Journal of Strategic Studies
Description: India tends to be deeply apprehensive of threats from China, while China appears comparatively unconcerned about threats from India, and finds it difficult to understand why India might perceive China as a threat. Two explanations of this asymmetry are (1) a deliberate and systematic understatement of Chinese concerns about India, resulting from the mobilization function of China's public media, and (2) the greater effectiveness of China's application of power over the past 50 years.
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Citation: Journal of Strategic Studies. 25. Issue 4. 109 - 134. ISSN 0140-2390. DOI 10.1080/01402390412331302885.
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