Global Nuclear Security: Fifty Years after the Cuban Missile Crisis


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Fifty Years after the Cuban Missle Crisis
Science in Support of Nuclear Arms Control and Security

CISTP and the Center for Science Diplomacy at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) convened experts on October 4, 2012 in a not-for-attribution setting to address two key areas to seed new research: the technical challenges and opportunities for treaty verification; and the lessons from cooperative nuclear security for verification and confidence-building.



Public Panel Featured Speakers

  • ''Ambassador Tibor Tóth - Executive Secretary

    Ambassador Tibor Tóth has been the Executive Secretary of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) since 2005. Ambassador Tóth has been actively involved in international disarmament and nonproliferation issues for over three decades.

  • Dr. E. William Colglazier - Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State

    ''Dr. E. William Colglazier was appointed in July 2011 as the fourth Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State. The mission of the Office of the Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary (STAS) is to provide scientific and technical expertise and advice in support of the development and implementation of U.S. foreign policy.

Workshop Sessions

  • Session 1: "Technical Challenges and Opportunities for Treaty Verification", Discussants: Pierce Cordon, Kelsey Hartigan, Tibor Tóth

  • Session 2: "Verification & Confidence-Building: Lessons from Cooperative Nuclear Security", Discussants: Glenn Schweitzer, Micah Lowenthal, William Colglazier