Tech in the News: The Return of Doomsday: The New Nuclear Arms Race—and How Washington and Moscow Can Stop It

Posted September 3, 2019

External Article: Foreign Affairs

Senator Sam Nunn, a Sam Nunn School of International Affairs distinguished professor and co-chair of NTI, and Ernest Moniz, the CEO and co-chair of NTI, have co-authored in "The Return of Doomsday" in the September/October 2019 edition of Foreign Affairs

With both sides on high alert, a cyberattack of unknown origin is launched against Russian early warning systems, simulating an incoming air attack by NATO against air and naval bases in Kaliningrad. With only minutes to confirm the authenticity of the attack and no ongoing NATO-Russian crisis-management dialogue, Moscow decides it must respond immediately and launches conventional cruise missiles from Kaliningrad bases at NATO’s Baltic airfields; NATO also responds immediately, with air strikes on Kaliningrad.

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