Tech in the News: Point-based system launched for Beijing permanent residency

Fei-Ling Wang

Posted May 1, 2018

External Article: The Straits Times

Fei-Ling Wang, professor in the Nunn School, was interviewed by the Straits Times Press, a Singapore newspaper, on China's hukou system and internal migration.


Professor Wang Fei-Ling, from the Georgia Institute of Technol-ogy’s Sam Nunn School of Interna-tional Affairs, noted that the latest changes were part of a trend of us-ing hukou to attract talent to cities.

Beijing first declared its intention to roll out a point-based system in 2015. Similar systems have been launched in the past few years in such cities as Shanghai and Shen-zhen.

“Low-skilled and low-wage work-ers from outside have never had much chance to obtain a Beijing hukou, even though they may have been an indispensable part of the Beijing economy for a long time,” said Prof Wang.

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